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For all age groups (6 mon.+). Note: Under 14 yrs., I’m only available M-F 6:30am- 3pm/Saturday 9-4.

Service Description

Unlock the Joy of Swimming with Personalized Instruction! What Makes The Swim Whisperer Unique: Dive into a tailored swimming experience with exclusive one-on-one swim lessons. My approach is centered around individual attention and customized lesson plans, ensuring each student progresses at their own pace. With a focus on building confidence, enhancing water safety, and fostering a love for swimming. This private lesson package is perfect for those wanting to do a trial lesson or need a refresher. Learners of all ages and abilities welcome. What Students Will Learn: Safety First: Safe entry and exit, floating and treading water. Foundational Skills: Basic strokes (freestyle & backstroke) to breath control. Advanced Techniques: Training in advanced strokes, endurance, and diving skills. Benefits of Swimming Lessons: Physical Health: Swimming is a fantastic full-body workout, improving cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility. Mental Well-being: It's a great stress reliever and known for boosting mental health. Life Skill: Swimming is a crucial life skill that ensures safety and opens the door to various water activities. Customized Learning: With one-on-one attention, students receive guidance that's perfectly aligned with their learning style and pace. Location Information: Participants under 14 yrs., I’m only available M-F 6:30am- 3pm/Saturday 9-4 at Beulah Family Life Center. For participants over 14 yrs., I’m available weekdays after 6:30am 6pm at different pools around the Metro area based on your location and additionally at Beulah Family Life Center M-F 6:30am- 3pm/Saturday 9-4. What to Bring: Comfortable/Appropriate swimwear Towel Optional: Goggles (recommended) Swim cap Earplugs (if sensitive to water in ears)

  • 30 minutes
  • 500 US dollars
  • Beulah Community Family Life Center|Atlanta, GA

Contact Details

  • +17708747326

  • +17708747326

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